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OPI Fall 2016!!!

Hello everyone!!!😄👋👋👋

I hope summer is treating you all well 😊😘🍍🍦🌴🌻🌞
Today I wanted to share with you info and photos from an event I attended last week in Stockholm! 😄

It was OPI's pressrelease for mainly 3 things..
First their fall collection for 2016
Drumroll please...

Washington DC

Awesome right !!
Their spokeswoman for this collection is Kerry Washington. .known from ex the series "Scandal" which is filmed in the white house..

I think this is a great collection for fall and has a decent variety in tones, deep colors but also a couple of brighter ones to match most taste buds 😜 
I will film and swatch these in not too long
This collection will be out in stores in August.

Onto the next thing..
I know OPI nail polish/gel hybrid "Infinite shine" has been around for some time around the world but due to political matters  (for some reason) it is now also available in Sweden! 


I'm a big fan of these types of polishes due to high shine and long durability 👌💅

Also OPI introduced two new top coats!!

The one to the left is called "Plumping".. meant to give a higher volume look to your polish. Making it look and feel a little more like a gelpolish.

The one to the right is called "Brilliant"..meant to give a super high shine! 
I have yet to try both of these but I will let you know my opinion on both of them later😊

Now here are a couple of photos from the event in general 😄😄


Hope you enjoy! 
I know I had a blast at the event and can't wait to swatch the polishes for you guys😄😄

Take care !
Til later..xoxo Miriam💖
#1 - - Emma -Merakibeauty.se:

really looking forward to trying the new colours :)

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