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Morphe makeup brushes

Hello dearies!!👋😊

A while back I bought some new makeup brushes and wanted to try them out before writing about it..

The brand I got them from is: 
Morphe Inc.
They sell a couple of things, such as makeup brushes. .eyeshadows..etc
I've heard all the rave about their makeup brushes and wanted to give it a go since I needed to fill up my collection with brushes..

My  first experience. .
Logging in to their website you first get to see their bestsellers. Easy to manage I think. .


They have quite a wide range of brushes and they also sell products from other brands such as youtuber JeffreyStar's liquid lipsticks etc.

When searching for brushes you need to choose a category. 

"By line" or "By type"

I would recommend you to search around for reviews on blogs or YouTube to see what brushes people recommend to see for what use you wish to have because I don't think they describe it very well on their website.

Brushes I got:
MB14 I use for undereye concealer (but they say it's for eyeshadow) $4.99 now on sale for $3.24 

M441 fluffy blending brush
$11.99 now on sale for $5.99

E22 tapered pointed blending brush (currently out of stock)

E11 angled brow brush $4.99
(Note: this is a LAAARGE angled brow brush. .i was not prepared for it's size)

E38 bent liner brush $3.99
MB13 large eyeshadow brush  (forgot to take pic of it) $4.99 now on sale for $3.24

I think all of these brushes are of good quality especially for the price.
I liked the "E" brushes best. E stands for "Elite". So if you search for line it's called Elite. 

If you're on the hunt for makeup brushes. .hope this might be helpful 😊✌

Love you guys!!
Xoxo Miriam  💋💖
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