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OPI Wintercollection for 2015 Starlight swatches

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Hello my loves!!
FINALLY it's time for the swatches you all longed for ;)
OPI's Christmas/winter collection for 2015 STARLIGHT (woot woot) :D <3
So, this collection contains a staggering 18 polishes!!!!
Many of them are silvery shades.. and a couple of red ones.
I do think that this collection could definitely have more variety but I absolutely have some favorites and I think that there are several gorgeous colors!
These polishes should be out in store by now so go to your nearest beautyparlor to find yours ;)
Now onto some SWATCHES!!
Starting off with this pretty lilac, rosy silvery gold.. ( haha, yes it's hard to describe this color)
"Press * for silver"
(The first photo is in indoor lighting, the second outdoors in the shade)
Next up is "Ce-less-tial is more" 
A rosy silver shimmer/glitter
Does well on it own! Sparkly and pretty
Now THIS... is SILVER!! 
"I drive a supernova"
A true metallic silver with great opacity even on one coat!!
"By the light of the moon" (below)
 Now this... I don't know if I love it or hate it!!
It looks cute in the bottle.. it does come off a bit chunky though.. so you need decent amount of polish to the brush to get a neat look...
"Super star status"
Okay... so this is really really pretty!! I love that it's silvery but it still has something happening to it!
The dark hexagon (?) glitters in it gives it a bit more life...who doesnt love a good glitter?? :D
"Is this star taken"
So, here is another love/hate relationship..
when I first saw it in the bottle I though "oooooh preeeetty" I love the barglitters!
But when I got it onto the nails... It was kinda hard to work with.. it was chunky and .. mae.. BUT.. two decent coats (pretty thick ones) could actually make it possible!! I do like it.. but a BIG - for the chunkyness...
"Comet closer"
A kinda warmtoned silver shimmer. Decent formula. Slightly streaky but nothing I find too much in the way.
"Love is in my cards"
Ok.. O M G. This red.. SOOO pretty!! SOOO creamy!! Goes on superopaque on one coat. It's pretty classic.. so nothing too exciting when it comes to that.. but I still love it!
Love my creamy gorgeous red ones :D
"Ro-man-ce on the moon"
A pearly pretty rubyred. Gorge when you want that sexy pizazz ;)
This is two coats and it covers really well.
"Let your love shine"
Beautiful dark red with goldie shimmer.Sparkly oh yes :D
"Guys & galaxies"
A deep dark maroon. Slightly thin in it's formula but nothing that is too hard to get around. Dark.. woooh :)
"I'm in the moon for love"
A plumish shimmery purple. I love the shimmer in it! When the sunlight hits the nails it really glows! 
"Cosmo with a twist"
Ok, now here's a duochrome with purpleish-blue shimmer! SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!
It really sparkles and it's really deep.. oh my how gorge :)
"No more mr.Night sky"
A gunmetal grey with tons of shimmer. Cute.. nothing fancy for my taste.
A little too thin in it's formula but goes on ok.
"The center of the you-niverse"
Now THIS is really really gorgeous! Deep black with loooads of shimmer/glitter!
Goes on really well and is stunning!
"Give me space"
Ok.. so.. this polish.. is.... JAWDROPPING!!
Holy moly I jumped high in excitement when I saw this in the bottle!!!
And it is just as pretty onto the nails as in the bottle!
Blue polish with blue and silvery shimmer in it.
This is by far my fave in this collection. 
"infrared-y to glow"
I'm not a massive fan of these kinds of glitters. They're kinda hard to work with.. it has a clear base with the little glitters in it. When you just pull out the brush it is too much polish and too little glitter. But when you get the hang of it or use a toothpick or something to pick out the glitters you can make it work.
"Two wrongs don't make a meteorite"
Exactly the same here as the previous glitter. They are cute when you make the best of it but.. still too hard to work with for the result for my taste.
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