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Essie Summer collection 2016

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Hello my beauties!!<3
Time for some swatches... a little bit late, but better late then never :P
It's time for Essie's summer collection for 2016!!
These are obviously already out in stores and it retails for their regular price :)
Now onto the colors!!
"Coconut cove"
A peachy kinda off-white :)covers well on two decent thick coats.
A little blant color if you ask me... personally I'm not a fan of "all white nails" even though it isnt a clear all white...
"Viva antigua"
My absolute FAVORITE of the colors in the bunch!! 
It is goooorgeous! To die for :))
A beautiful turquoise mint with tons of shimmer with different tones.
It sparkles beautifully in sunlight and covers perfectly in two coats :)
"Berried treasures"
A pretty berry kinda pinkish reddish.. :)
The opacity is amazing and the colors is gorgeous!!
"Hiking heels"
A poppy orange red. Beautiful and lovely.
Great opacity and covers super well on two coats :) Makes you look a little more tan than you are ;)
"Loot the booty"
A "royalish" kinda blue filled with shimmers and specks.. great opacity and perfect cover on two coats :)
A little fun mix in this collection since it's not a "typical" summer kind of color :)
"Tribal text-styles"
Look at this lovely gunmetal greyish black absolutel smacked with shimmers!!!
Not a typical summer color in my book either but nonetheless gorgeous!!!
I hope you enjoyed my swatches and especially if you're interested in this collection wanting to see the colors.
Stay tuned for more!
Love you guys!! XOXO Miriam

OPI Summer 2016 "Retro summer" swatches

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Hello loves!!!!
Exciting news!!! OPI's summer collection for 2016 is here!!!
The collection is called "Retro summer" and is inspired by the more retro hues in and all of the 6 polishes are creamy pastel polishes with a little bit of variety in opacity.
These polishes will be available in Sweden end of may 2016 but might already be out in other parts of the world.
Now onto some SWATCHING!!!! :D
"Towel-me about it"
A lemonade yellow that was in need of 3 coats.
Really fresh with a nice tan :)
"I'm getting a tan-gerine"
A peachy tangerine, in need of tan skin :P (in my opinion)
I LOOOVE this beaaautiful coral!!
One of my absolute favorites from this collection and definitely a must have from this collection for the summer :D
"What's the double scoop?"
Cute ice-cream pink that looks good on most people;)
"Flip flops and crop tops"
Okay.. now THIS is suuuch a gorgeous color!!! *jaw dropping*
It's not a neon but it is somewhat near a neon. A really bright pop of Barbie pink.
This is going on my toenails for the summer ;)
"Sailing & Nail-ing"
Pretty pool blue (baby blue) but this color is also somewhat of a bright color! Not bright enough to be a neon but in some lights.. I'm amazed of it's gorgeous tone:D
 Now that was it for today!!
Hope you guys are enjoying life and have a beautiful spring/summer :D
Love you!! XOXO Miriam

MAC Flamingo park, Velvetease, Modern twist kajal

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Hello loves!! 
I have 3 items from MAC to show you today!!
First off is this gorgeous lipstick from their new collection "Flamingo Park" in the color "Be Silly"
A hot fuschia pink with a matte finish.
I love MAC's lipstick in general and especially their matte ones.
This is already available online and will be available March 8th in Scandinavia (already out in stores in the US)
Next up is their Lip pencils "Velvetease" which is more like a lipstick but in a lippencil kind of package.
It is retractable which is always a plus BUT I don't appreciate the rounded shape it gets after a couple of uses.. that happens mostly to pencils and since it's retractable you arent suppose to sharpen it. ( I guess you could anyway if you'd like)
The lip pencils "Velvetease" are a product that will stay in line!
Also available online already, and releases march 8th in scandinavia.
The color I got is "Anything goes"
the description says Rosy fuschia (matte)... but I find it to be a lot more red... at least on to my skin.
The swatch ended up a little blotchy but I really don't think it was blotchy onto the lips.Love this color! The pencil kind usage... mediocre...
Last is the new "Modern twist kajal liner" in the color "New Marine"... an emerald green liner.
you twist it up for usage but it's not retractable.
This new set of pencils comes in 13 different shades.
All are out in stores by now.
That was it for now!!
I like the new lipproducts! The kajal liner was a pretty color but I prefer liners that you sharpen .. ( I also made a blunder.. I was going to see how much product it was in the pen.. so I twisted it up.. only to realize that it doesnt go back down, which I ought to know...) anywho!
Hope you enjoyed!!
Til later
xoxo Miriam
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