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MAC Stone lipstick 💄

Hey guys!!

I've been wanting to try more chocolatelike🍫 lipsticks for a while and had a hard time deciding which one to get! (let's face it ..there are a bazillion different ones!!🙈)

At the end I decided to try MAC'S lipstick 💄 in the color "stone".
A deep dark chocolate-kind of color. 

Here are my swatches of it 😊

I must say that I really like it 😄
What do you guys think?
What lipstick 💄 colors are you using, any recommendations? 😊

Xoxo Miriam 😘💖💋

OPI - Hello Kitty swatches

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Today I will share with you the much anticipated OPI - Hello Kitty collection!
This collection contains 12 polishes in really merry colors typical for Hello Kitty. Tons of pinks..
Cute names matching their Kitty theme which is always fun.
Don't forget to check out my instagram for more of this and that, beauty related ;)
These polishes are already out in stores so if you're eager to get your hands on some, you can just run to your closest shop selling beauty supplies;)
I only have 4 of the polishes from the collection of 12, but here they are:D
Starting off with:
A really cute baby pink with medium coverage on one coat but great opacity and coverage on two!
Here is this baby pink is natural light
Here in indoorlighting
"Spoken from the heart"
A truly gorgeous warm toned hot pink with a swift of coral in it! Really beautiful!
Natural light
Indoor lighting
"Starry-eyed for dear Daneil"
A really lovely cold toned magenta-glitter with great opacity on its own!
Natural lighting
Indoor lighting
And last of the 4 ones I own..
"My pal Joey"
A true blue, absolutely beautiful!!
Natural lighting
Indoor lighting
Now since I don't own the rest of the 8 polishes.. here are some photos that was sent to me with all the PR-info
Go to my youtube for my video swatches of this colleciont :D
Now.. thank you all so much for tuning in!
Love you!! XOXO Miriam
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MAC Makeup Swatches

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Hello loves!!
I can't believe that another year has gone by and it now is 2016!
This year my first post will be swatches for a couple of MAC produts.
Previously I've been on MAC Nordic's PR-list for nailpolishes but as you might know, MAC doesn't have that much focus on nailpolishes and they don't release them that often... hence, I got polishes a couple of times with some time between... but now they are so kind to have me on the PR-list also for makeup from MAC! I'm in awe :D :D :D  ( shouting, dancing, singing of joy) :) THANK YOU for this opportunity!! <3
Enough said.. here are swatches of the two products I got and also swatches for two products I purchased myself recently.
Starting off with this pigment in the color - "Vanilla"
A gorgoeus cream white pigment with a little gold shimmer in it. BEAUTIFUL! 
This is a perfect staple color for your everyday use.
Next up is this sculpt & contour in "Lightsweep/Shadester"
I think you can guess which one is which ;)
Don't know if you can purchase these seperately but here it is as a duo. 
Awesome pigmentation and great for midtone skincolor to sculpt och contour your face
And now onto the two products i purchased myself:
MAC finally came out with their own liquid lipstick!!
This colleciton is called "Retro matte liquid lipstick" and I got the color "Lady-be-good"
A peachy nude that dries matte
Gorgeous nude!! <3
And last but definitely not the least my very first ever (crazy I know) highlighter!!
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft & Gentle"
 A classic amoung MAC's skinfinishes but nevertheless beautiful.
I'm sure you've seen swatches of this highlighter before, but here is my swatch of it! :)
All of these products are available at your beautystore selling MAC cosmetics <3
If you want check out my youtube-video were I'm talking a little about these products in person;)
For reference.. I''m an NC25 in MAC's foundation.
Eagre to see what's next from MAC!
I hope you will join me on my makeupjourney and don't forget to go to my beautyinstagram:
Til later my loves! XOXO Miriam
*Parts of the products are samples*
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